How to Cook at Thanksgiving Turkey Testimonials Page 2

  • OH MY Gosh!!! I tried your method, stuffing under the skin and the butter, thyme and rosemary etc. Then I cooked it fully covered in a non-stick pot with a glass cover. 475 for 20 min then your recommended 250 for 4 hours, but it was actually ready an hour sooner, my timer popped up. I let it cool, then refrigerated over night. Today I carved it, re-heated with some of the broth before I made my gravy, but re-heated it covered. It was simply delicious. I loved not having to cook it today, it freed the oven up for me and the carving had been done before dinner. I'll never cook a turkey on Thanksgiving day again, always the day before using this method. I'll also pass it on to everyone I know. Tender, juicy, awesome.
    Jacqueline E. Fort Wayne IN 11/28/08
  • I have been cooking thanksgiving dinners since 1975. I have always used the turkey bags. This year, I forgot to buy them, so I needed to find out how to actually cook a turkey without them. I found your website and decided to try it. But instead of using butter on the breast meat, I used “Cajun Injector – Creole Butter” on it. I poured it in instead of using the injector needle. So it was like using a marinade. It turned out to be the tastiest turkey I ever made. The marinade actually reached the dark meat also. You have got to try that also. I found the creole butter at this website: Thank you, A satisfied customer 11/28/08
  • Success....Thank you for the informative website. Did exactly as listed. The turkey came out just great! Really moist! Lifting the skin above the breast meat and inserting the butter, thyme and rosemary was excellent. Only thing is the skin did not come out a golden brown so on the last 45 minutes I removed the cover and wa la! Golden skin with an excellent color rendition. At least when I do my next turkey, it will be just as great!! Thanks again, Gobble Gobble, Howard H. 11/28/08
  • Thank you. Thank you. My turkey was perfect!! I had 20 guest over and everyone couldn 't give me enough praise for my turkey. Not only was it flavorful and juicy, It looked beautiful. Now how about the perfect stuffing using the turkey parts? Any simple recipes ?? Myra B. 11/28/08
  • I just wanted to say thanks for the website. I made a turkey using your method two years in a row and It was great both times. Donna 11/28/08
  • I just wanted to let you know that your recipe turned out great! I recently moved across the country, away from my family :( and this was my first Thanksgiving I've ever even had to cook for and I found your turkey recipe and I was so nervous making a huge feast all by myself for a couple guests.... I followed your instructions and the meat just fell right off, it was great! Thank you, what a life saver/stress reliever! Sincerely, Brittani - AZ 11/29/08
  • WOW! I didn't think it was possible to EVER cook a moist turkey - but then I hadn't come across your website yet. This Thanksgiving I cooked a 21lb. bird. I know it was a little bigger than you recommend but I already had the bird when I found you website. When my husband saw juices as he was carving the breast meat, he thought it wasn't done. I myself couldn't believe that I saw droplets on the slices. I thought someone spilled something on the platter! My son was amazed that he had no need for a knife to eat his meal- it was fork tender. I kept hearing my mother say, "I just can't believe this turkey- I just can't believe it." They are still telling me that it was the BEST turkey they have ever eaten. Thank you for sharing this great method - the turkey industry should pay you commission - this will definitely help out sales!
    MaryAnne T. 11/29/08
  • Thursday I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving family gathering, for my husband's family. It was also the first time I had ever cooked a turkey. I cooked a 21.5 lb. bird using your method and it was AMAZING. I honestly can't remember ever having turkey that good. The only thing I did differently was I mixed fresh crushed garlic in with the butter under the skin, and I only used dried thyme (I did not have rosemary) and I basted it every 40 minutes. It was so very good, everyone was impressed and commented on how good it was. Thank you so much for sharing your secret! After Thursday, I think I will have to cook the turkey every year from now on! Thank you again, Mary S. 11/29/08
  • The simple fact is I have NEVER been able to successfully cook a turkey. Either it was undercooked or WAAAAY overcooked! I am not entirely untalented in the kitchen either. So, this was always a sore spot for me. But in 22 years of marriage, I've never cooked a roast turkey meal.

    This year my husband said he wanted to have a traditional thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the fixings. So, once again I got onto the web searching for the foolproof method to cook a turkey. This year I found your site. Your methodology seemed to be very logical and irrefutable. So with much anticipation, I read and executed your clear and easy to follow directions. It is with great PRIDE that I write this note to tell you my turkey was cooked PERFECTLY and DELICIOUS!

    We are now no longer roast turkey challenged! Thank you very much for your site!

    Have a VERY happy holiday season! Nancy 11/30/08
  • My turkey came out beautiful. The best recipe ever! Thank you, Olga 1/13/09
  • Aloha! Thank you for your great recipe for turkey. Thanksgiving cooking had been my husband's job since we got married 10 years ago… as I 'm from Japan and have no clue how to cook turkey right (we don 't eat turkey back there). But last Thanksgiving, I found your recipe so I wanted to give it a try, which turned out to be the best turkey I've ever eaten!

    This was my second time cooking turkey ever and everyone loved it! The turkey was over 20 lbs and was in the oven for 7 hours…..came out very juicy .Now I tell everyone about this recipe in my office and everyone appreciates it. (Of course, everyone thought the temperature is just too low, at first.)

    Thank you again and I will pass it on to my kids when they get older…. Mahalo!
    Ayame, 3/19/09