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  • Turned out nice and juicy. I was using an analog thermometer and never quite reached the poultry temp but it seemed done enough and PLENTY juicy. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worth bumping up to 275-300 at the end? The slow cooking just seemed to peter out at the end in reaching optimal temperature. It may be worth noting that I have a rental grade oven. Jim P., 12/25/11

    Note: I think people understandably start to get nervous toward the end of the cooking cycle and open the oven and lid of the roasting pan to check the turkey frequently. Every time you do that the oven has to recover to the cooking temperature and extends the cooking time. Try to keep those "checks" to an absolute minimum. I know it's hard to do with a room full of hungry people waiting to eat.
  • Wanted to let you know that I Googled How to Cook A Turkey in the Oven and clicked on your site and decided to try your cooking method.

    YUM! Best, most tender and moist turkey I've ever had (much less, a turkey that I actually cooked by myself!)

    My turkey was 15 pounds and I had a convection oven so cooked it 15 minutes per lb after cooking at 475 for 20 minutes. Buttered it up like you said, did not baste it at all, cooked it uncovered (no lid) and it was beautiful and fully cooked in an additional 225 minutes. I did decided to cover it for the last 30 minutes with aluminum foil but honestly, don't believe I needed to do this.

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and giving such a thorough explanation. It gave me the confidence to try it out. I will slow cook my turkeys and butter them up per your method from now on. I am impressed! Valerie B., 12/25/11
  • Never made turkey before - made roast chicken once but that was easy as the chicken was small.

    It turned out perfectly - we rubbed it with a mixture of olive oil, salt, red pepper and dried oregano - it wasnt crisp on the outside and I think I should have left out the olive oil.

    You are right - this is the way I will be cooking turkey from now onwards.

    I hope your christmas went well - good wishes for 2012.

    Kind regards, Gregg and Archana A., 12/25/11
  • Thanks for the terrific advice on cooking a turkey the right way. Am following it. At 71; never too old to learn. Al C., 12/26/11
  • I just tried your recipe to cook an 18 lb Xmas turkey. I have read the turkey disasters and cannot for the life of me see how they could have had such bad results. I do know that if aluminum foil is placed on anything the wrong way up it will reflect the heat and prevent the bird from cooking. Aluminum foil should always be placed with the shiny side inwards, not outwards. Believe me it makes a huge difference.

    My 18 lb turkey should have taken 6 hours after the initial 20 minutes at 450. I must admit that during the initial 450 in a covered barbecue I had my doubts. At 6 am Xmas morning, there was so much smoke it looked like my house was on fire. However, once it cooled to 250 everything went fine. I cooked the breast to 165, it was actually ready one hour before time so I just turned the gas off and the bird kept hot until meal time. To make certain I removed the thermometer and slipped it into the thigh and it was 175. I have to say it was far and away the most delicious turkey I have ever eaten! Generally I consider turkey far over rated because of the dryness. No longer, we will be eating turkey far more often now! We only had to serve 6 people so I carved the bird and the excess meat has been vacuum sealed for several more roast turkey meals...all we have to do is some vegetables and gravy. The meat fell off the bone and was tender and juicy. Thanks again! Regards Ron P., Western Australia, 12/26/11

    Note: I don't know what goes wrong sometimes. Some of the people who have the disasters are good, experienced cooks. You can gauge the ratio of successes to failures by the number postings in the testimonials and the disasters because I publish them all. Well, there was one disaster report that didn't pass the "family website censorship test" for language. And usually people are quicker to report a disaster than a success so I think the reports overwhelmingly predict success. I'll keep trying to make the site better... like emphasizing the tip about the aluminum foil that you mentioned.
  • I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner using your site alone (with one suggestion from my grandma about thawing). I posted your link on my blog with my story of how I did it with a pic. I wanted to share it with you and make sure you were ok with me putting your link on my page.

    Thanks again it really was so juicy and perfect best advice I couldn't wait to share :)

    Hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year to you, Cara D. 12/27/11
  • Let me just tell you, I just finished my plate of turkey and stuffing and I am so excited about how it turned out. This was my second attempt ever at making a turkey and I am VERY pleased with the results. I will never cook a turkey any other way, ever again! I used an oven bag and it knocked at least an hour off of my cook time, but everything else I followed to the T on the instructions. It was a 14 lb bird. Thank you for passing this recipe on. Bianca G. Rockwall, Texas 12/27/11
  • Max C. Turkey Christmas, 2011The thawing time for my 12 # frozen turkey, in the refrigerator was closer to a week.

    With the carcass and throw away parts, I made several quarts of Turkey stock.
    I can't find turkey stock on the market. Froze the turkey stock for later use.
    Max C., 12/28/11
  • Just used your recipe to cook a turkey... OMG... it was the best. I consider myself an excellent cook but I have never had a turkey so moist and delicious. And it was so easy... .thank you, thank you , thank you. I have great covered roasting pan from my mom and it fits a 13 lb turkey. I have a very good oven and used the convection and cooked it for 15 minutes per pound. it came out perfectly in that time. 170 degrees and not dry at all... yummy! I didn't start checking temp till about 15 minutes before the time. I will never roast a turkey any other way!!
    Rob M., 12/28/11
  • You were right- this recipe makes the most moist turkey ever! I've been cooking for over 40 years and make several turkeys a year. I've tried oven bags, cooking at different temperatures, etc. but your recipe was the best. I will definitely use this recipe from now on! Thank you! Barbara R., 12/31/11