How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey Testimonials Page 16

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    Every year I brine my frozen grocery store-bought turkey and then cook it using this method, and every year people tell me it's the most delicious turkey they've ever had. I do open the oven door just once - to add a prepared aluminum foil cover (yes, shiny side down), and as this recipe recommends, I do that about 15-30 minutes after I've lowered the temperature to 250. Thank you for this recipe! Dorcie F. 12/06/19
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    I always brine the turkey for 12-20 hours before cooking. I find this reduces the cook time needed to reach the desired internal temps. In fact I have found its more like 12-16 mins/pound. It is quite important to cook to the internal temp target, and not just cook by elapsed time.

    I also don't think the 250°F temp is "precise". In other words, I think anywhere between 250° to 300° is fine, and yields the same excellent results. And of course, running at say, 275°, will reduce total cook time relative to going with 250°. James D. Houston, TX 12/14/19
  • 5I've been making turkeys like this for years. Best way to cook a turkey ever. Low and slow is the way to go. Carrots and celery in cavity. Slices of butter slid under the skin, rub olive oil on the skin, sprinkle garlic, pepper, salt. Put it in the oven and go to sleep. Wake up take it out. Then slice when you are ready. Julie T. Horn Lake, MS 12/25/19
  • 5Absolutely the best turkey I've ever cooked in 40 something years!! 😊 Susan B. Wagoner, OK 12/25/19
  • 5I mixed the butter with parsley and twist of lemon it is an inprovement of the best recipie by far. Congrats Ivan H. Orlando, FL 01/01/20
  • 5I've done this method several times and it always turn out great. My family is not white meat people but will willingly take the white meat doing this because it is so juicy. I've recommended this to others and have all had the same result. Don C. Edmonton, AB 01/02/20